LuxeGlobal Ventures Leadership

Robert L. Mani, Founder & CEO

Robert L. Mani (pronounced mah-nee) is the picture of a true Global/Renaissance Man. He is the Founder and CEO of LuxeGlobal Ventures and LuxeGlobal International Realty.

Robert also has over 20 years of progressive experience in commercial and investment banking and brings a wealth of financial knowledge to each of his transactions. His unique blend of business and financial expertise has provided him with the skills needed to identify and carefully evaluate potential investments for LuxeGlobal’s wealthy client base. Robert has gained the respect of industry professionals and clients alike for the caliber of his professional and personal interactions.

Prior to moving to San Diego, Robert served as principal and co-founder of Altus Capital Management LLC, a professional trading advisor and asset management firm. He also served as Manager of Societe Generale Securities Corp., and Associate Director for Bank of New York Securities, Inc., and holds a license as a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Robert's team of seasoned investment professionals focuses on assisting entrepreneurs with seed financing, capital formation and are operations and strategy advisors. His team also boasts a global strategic network of Private Equity entities and Ultra High-Net Worth individuals with large amounts of capital to invest in viable companies and ideas. Robert is a licensed California and Nevada Real Estate Broker, avid golfer and member of the prestigious Rancho Santa Fe Bridges Golf Club, an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, an animal lover and advocate, and has a passion for cutting-edge technology and fine food and wines.

© 2015 LuxeGlobal Ventures. All rights reserved.

© 2015 LuxeGlobal Ventures. All rights reserved.